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Bowlers Country Club Inc.
St. Joseph County Council

  Bowlers Country Club, Inc. & St. Joseph Co. Council
55839 Pine Rd. (Corner of Pine & Fillmore)
South Bend, IN 46619
Men Associate 549     Certificate 600
Women Associate 250     Certificate 600
Hours: Mon-Sat Summer 7am-?
             Mon-Sat Winter 8am-?
             All Sun 10am-?

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PRESIDENT: George Martin
TREASURER: Toni Armstrong
SECRETARY: Sarah Smith
SGT. @ ARMS: Herm Bower

Diane Ball
Bev Cloud
Ron Royce

Dan Bonczynski
Tom McNulty
Doug Hammond

          Bowlers Country Club is a family oriented club established in 1963, and through the efforts of many of the members, it has grown to its present state.
          It consists of a challenging 9-hole golf course on which, thanks to the efforts of some of the members, we improved the tee boxes on four of the holes this past fall. Members also have access to golf carts for a fee. We allow school children that are on leagues in their school to practice on our course for free when there are no leagues playing. When we have our annual corn roast, we've incorporated a hole-in-one contest in which you have the opportunity to win some big money.
          Inside, we have a 14-lane bowling alley with automatic scorers and the lanes have been rated tops by the ABC for the past few years. There are 2 TV's in this area so that you can keep up with other sports or late breaking news while bowling. We have leagues almost every night through the normal bowling season, including some weekends. Seniors have a fun league on Monday at 1p.m. - no commitment - just be there when you want to. On Saturday mornings we have the junior leagues. The club sponsors a 40-frame game periodically too, (watch the monthly newsletter) which is really good time.
          Also inside the clubhouse, we have a bar opposite the bowling alley, with 8 stools, and many tables where friends congregate either just to visit, for card games, watching Notre Dame football or basketball, NFL games, or NASCAR on our 3 televisions in that area.
          Other entertainment in the clubhouse includes a regulation pool table, darts, and a variety of video games including golf (this helps fulfill the desire to get out on the links on these cold wintry days.)
          We also have a great party area where members can book activities such as birthday, anniversary or graduation parties, family get-togethers, etc. There is also a television in this area. The club also has activities here such as karaoke and sometimes we have dances.
          We also have a kitchen where our cooks can grill a mean hamburger with any trimmings you want, poppers, fries, onion rings, etc. They can also rig up some fantastic pizzas. (See the kitchen hours and menu posted at the kitchen window.)
          Outside, besides the golf course we have a covered area with a large grill, and members can also book the use of it.
          At Christmas time, we as members bring in food donations and make up food baskets to help our less fortunate friends.
          If you haven't made use of any of these facilities lately, come out, see what we have to offer, and enjoy your club.

Meeting dates & locations for the St. Joseph County Council:

     If you are not yet a member organization and have questions about our goals and/or progression, feel free to join us and express your concerns.  We will attempt to answer any of your questions and try to make you feel at ease with us.  Remember, the more organizations we have as members, the bigger voice we will all have downstate.  Each member is a potential vote for or against the politicians that create the laws that affect all of us, both as individuals as well as members of Indiana not-for-profit organizations.
     We try to move our meetings around among all the member organizations so that all members can show off their organization to the other member organizations and possibly attract more members as well as trade ideas of what they are doing with what other organizations.
     15 Jan          Bowlers Country Club
     19 Feb          V.F.W. 9820
     19 Mar         South Bend Eagles
     16 Apr          Chain-O-Lakes Conservation Club
     21 May        Bowlers Country Club
     18 Jun          Army-Navy
     16 Jul          Crumstown Consevation Club
     20 Aug        Calvert Rod & Gun Club
     17 Sep         South Bend Eagles
     15 Oct         Chain-O-Lakes Conservation Club
     12 Nov        Bowlers Country Club
     17 Dec        Army-Navy

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