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Indiana Council of Fraternal, Veterans and Social Societies Inc.

We are aware of the fact that there are misspelled words and some inconsistencies in the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as the fact that the updating is long overdue, and the By-Laws Committee is addressing this. We are awaiting a lawyers reading of the whole document and giving us the legal insight of it before attempting to make any changes as well as putting it before the body. In the past this document had been handled manually; writing and typing and apparently no legal advice. We hope to be able to bring our suggestions for changes before the body in the Fall 2007 Conference. Thank you in advance for understanding the enormity of this undertaking.

Of the


    The name of the organization shall be the INDIANA COUNCIL OF FRATERNAL, VETERANS AND SOCIAL SOCIETIES, INC.


    (1) To promote a better understanding as to the laws, rules and regulations pertain to the fraternal, veterans and social business of all Societies belonging to the council.
(2) To affect an exchange of such information as well be beneficial to such societies.
(3) To foster and support any legislation which would benefit its members.
(4) To oppose any legislation this would be detrimental to the welfare of such members.

                                                                          A. Membership

    (1) Membership in this council shall be limited to Fraternal, Veterans and Social Societies, their Ladies Auxiliary (or equivalent) or their other Auxiliaries (or equivalent) that are national in character and maintain a social room, or, any society with a membership of fifty (50) or more, not operated for individual profit, who support and maintain a social room, who shall have been in existence for a period of not less than one (1) year and who are neither political or religious Societies.  Membership shall include the state structure of the above.
(2) Membership in the Council may be accomplished by submitting an application to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Council upon such forms as the Council may provide.  The Board of Directors may accept or reject such applications as they see fit; PROVIDED, that in those counties of the State of Indiana who have formed County Councils with the permission and under supervision of the Indiana Council, membership such County Council shall be prerequisite to membership in the Indiana Council.  County Councils shall be subordinate to the State Council. 





(1) The officers of the State Council shall be: a President; five (5) Vice-Presidents, one from each geographical section of the state (Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southeast and Southwest); ten (10 Directors, two from each section; a Junior Past President; a Secretary-Treasurer; a Sergeant-At-Arms; a Chaplain; the Policy Committee Chairman and any other Committee Chairman.
The President and Vice-President and 5 Directors will be elected each year, therefore the term of the President, Vice-President will be for one year and the Directors will be for 2 years.
The Junior Past President will be the outgoing President and will serve as a State Officer for one (1) year after completing his/her term as Junior Past.
The Secretary-Treasurer will be picked by the State Officers immediately after the closing of the Annual Convention for a three (3) year term.
The Chaplain will be picked by the President from someone outside of the State Officers.
The Sergeant-At-Arms will be picked by the State President from someone outside of the State Officers.
Each geographical section shall have a President every five (5) years.
The State Officers from year to year will pick a Legal Advisor.
The Board of Directors shall consist of the State Officers.
The Officers will assume their duties upon completion of installation which shall be prior to conclusion of the convention.

Duties of Officers

    (2) The President will preside over all meetings, if possible.  He will keep harmony, make all committee appointments, make appointments in vacancies of State Officers, work closely with the Secretary and Committee Chairman and members.

        The Vice-President and Directors will be the Council representatives in their section of the state.  They will work on membership and attend County Council meetings.  Each section has 14 to 20 counties; they will work said counties on membership, not just their town, city or county.

        Junior Past-President and second year Past President duties will be the same as the Vice-President and Directors.


 Will open the Spring Conference and State Convention with a prayer and close same with a prayer.


         The Sergeant-At-Arms will see that the meeting room is set up for meetings, will keep order, and will be an aid to the President and Secretary.


        Will work with the President, all State Officers and committees; keep up-to date with all information; keep records of the Council.  In general, will do all the duties that are required of a Secretary-Treasurer.

Legal Advisor

       Will be the go-between for the "Council" with the various state agencies and/or departments, attend appropriate legislation sessions and work closely with the Secretary (or Officers).

    (3) In the event the Office of the President is vacated for any reason, the office will be filled by the Vice-President of the section the President was serving from.

    (4) The Council will hold an annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana during the month of November.  (Date to be picked.)  Convention date will be picked by the Policy Committee.

        (4a) The Council will hold a Spring Conference in the spring of each year.  This conference can be held at any location in the state, but should go in a circle from Northeast to Southwest, so each section could have a conference.

    (5) Election and Nomination.  The President, at opening of each annual Convention shall appoint an Election Committee and Nomination Committee of five (5) members each.  The Chairman of the Nominating Committee will see to it that no one is in the room except his committee and the persons making the nomination.  The Chaiman of the Election Committee will see to it that no one is in the room where the ballots are counted except for his committee.  The Sergeant-At-Arms may enter the room after knocking on the door to see if the committee is ready to make their report.

    (6) As soon as possible after the Annual Convention, the new President will pick a Policy Committee of not more than seven (7) State Officers or Past State officers to serve during the year.  Duties of the Policy committee are to attend all meetings called by the President and to report back to their respective State Officers in their district.  The President will also pick a Membership Director as soon as he can after the Annual Convention.

        The President, with the help of the Secretary will pick a Fraternalist of the Year.
The President will appoint a Police Officer of the Year Committee and a Merit Committee.  He should appoint other such committees as they become necessary during the year.
(7) Salaries.  The State Officers shall serve with no salary, except the Secretary-Treasurer, who will receive $200.00 per onth for his/her service.
State Officers attending the Spring Conference, State Convention and any authorized trip shall receive per diem and mileage as established by the Policy Committee and approved by the membership.
(8) Attendance at Annual Convention.  Each unit shall select two (2) delegates and shall notify the Secretary at least ten (10) days in advance of the Annual Convention.  Delegates and alternatives must have proper credential.  Each delegate will receive credential, giving him the right to attend and vote upon officers and other such matters as may require a ballot.  He also will be given one banquet ticket.  Each unit may send as many members as they desire and upon registration each will receive a guest ticket entitling him to attend the convention without a vote, and one ticket to the banquet.
(9) Registration.  A delegate or visitor desiring to attend the convention shall register and pay a fee to be determined by the Board of Directors.  He will receive credentials or a guest card and a ticket for the annual banquet.  Extra tickets for the banquet may be purchased at a price set by the Directors.
    Each State Officer shall be furnished with a printed proceedings of each annual meeting.  These proceedings shall contain a full and complete report of the Auditing Committee.

C. Policy

    (1) The President shall appoint a "Policy Committee" whose duties shall also include to establish policy matters.
(2) The President shall appoint a "Publicity Committee" of at least five (5) members.  Any public announcements regarding policy shall have the approval of the Policy Committee prior to being released.  The president shall serve as an ex-officio chairman of this committee.

D. Fees

    (1) The annual fees shall be as follows and are to accompany all applications for membership:
Membership, 50 up to and including 750..........$25.00 per year
Membership, over 750.......................................$50.00 per year
(2) The state structure of member clubs shall be ex-officio, without dues, but with delegate and voting privileges.
(3) Fees shall be due and payable on or before the first day of December of each year to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Council.

E. Amendments 

    (1) The President shall appoint a By-Laws Committee to consist of at least five (5) members.
(2) All proposed amendments and resolutions shall be submitted to the Committee Chairperson in advance, and shall be introduced at the first business session at either conference or convention.
(3) All proposed amendments and resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer thirty (30) days prior to the conference or convention in order to be considered at that session.
    (4) All By-Laws amendments shall be ratified by a majority of delegates present at three separate readings at conference and convention.
(5) All By-Laws shall be ratified by a majority of delegates present and voting at any annual meeting of the Council.

F. Ejectment 

            The Board of Directors may suspend or eject any member organization of the Council for conduct which is deemed in violation of the purposes or By-Laws of the Council.  Such organization shall be served by registered letter, with written copy of the charges made against it and may demand a hearing on such charges before said Board.  Any such organization so suspended or ejected may present a petition in writing at the next Annual Convention of the Council for review of such action of said Board of Directors which said action of said Board may be overruled by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting.


Adopted 1943, Amended January 25, 1945; Amended January 21, 1956; Amended February 4, 1960; Amended January 26, 1967; Amended November, 1974; Amended November 1980; Amended November 1985; Amended November 20, 1994; and Amended November 19, 1995. 





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